Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Boot Camp in Boston

Well we went to Boston because we won a contest through face book . Yard smart boot camp was what they called it. Our first day there we (my husband and I ) got really lost. Was not easy to find the hotel because of the one way streets. We did find it and settled in right away. We walked to Boston commons park and found a geocache that was close by.We rested and the next day we got up early to get some geo caches in close by states, to include, New Hampshire,Maine, Vermont, Conn, and Rhode Island. The weather was foggy and the colors of the trees were unreal.We found all but one of the caches as it was gone. On our way back to the hotel we got lost again. But soon found it and rested for the next exciting day. Friday we went to the cemetery near by and just laid around till it was time to meet the boot camp crew and the other winners. We ate at the Villa Francesca  yummy. The next morning we met for breakfast and off to start our boot camp , our first part of the class was to learn how to care for our lawnmower, then we moved to a gentleman's home and helped plant flowers, and care for his lawn. We learned how to run the equipment and how to properly seed, fertilize and mow our yards.Lunch was served from Panera bread Very yummy. Then we finished up the yard and got on the bus to head into Boston to Boston commons where we had a tour and learned more about the oldest park in the nation.Then back to the hotel to clean up and eat at the oldest restaurant in the nation  Union Oyster House  it is on the Freedom Trail.The team from Briggs and Stratton were real nice and Trey Rogers and Susan Gruber were full of information and let us pick their brains about our problem yards. Thank You Anita Fisher for getting the crew and everyone all in place. Thank you to the Briggs and Stratton team I know I am forgetting someone. Lauren, Liz, Monica, Terri, Thank you for this experience. I know that with the proper care and Trey's book I will have a beautiful lawn. Thank You Susan I know now that my shrubs , flowers and trees will be more of a show case instead of a tree plopped in the ground.

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